5900 Series Low Energy Operator

The 5900 Series is a full-featured, extremely quiet, low energy door operator designed for moderate to high traffic doors. This cost-effective operator is available for either push- or pull-side mounting and is ideal for any application designed to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A). “One touch” programming combined with the operators' built-in ability to calibrate door mass, offers Norton customers a smart, dependable solution.


Door Control (interior) (exterior) closing force shall be adjustable to ensure adequate closing control. Door Operator shall simulate conventional door closer opening and closing forces unless the power operator motor is activated. Door Operator shall have electronic backcheck to cushion the door speed if door is opened violently. [(Door Operator shall be AUTOMATICALLY ACTIVATED by either a slight push or pull in the direction of opening swing - Push and Go.) (Door Operator shall be SELECTIVELY ACTIVATED by external initiating device, i.e. wall switch, etc.) (Door Operator shall be both AUTOMATICALLY ACTIVATED and SELECTIVELY ACTIVATED.)] Unit shall have delay switches for motor activation, electric lock interfacing, and hold open time. Units shall interface with latch retraction exit devices or similar products and have 12VDC @ .5A, 24VDC @ .25A, 24VDC @ .4A output for connection of electric strike, lock, radio frequency receiver, etc. Unit shall have a three-position Selector Mode Switch that will permit the unit to be switched “ON” to monitor for function inputs, switch to “H/O” for infinite hold open function or switched “OFF” which will disable function inputs allowing unit to be used as a manual door closer. Unit shall be U.L. Listed for automatic closing door. The Unit shall be adjustable to provide compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Unit shall be certified by BHMA to meet A156.19 requirements. Unit shall meet UL325, UL10C standards.



Statuary Bronze


  • Ease of installation and setup
      - Simple instructions
      - "One touch" programming
  • Application versatility and ease of adjustment
      - Non-handed units
      - Push- or pull-side mounting
      - Interfaces with electric hardware
      - Integrates with access control system


  • Operation startup options
      - Wall switches
      - Motion sensor
      - Radio frequency device
      - Push and Go
  • Presence Detector input
  • Sync cable for double doors; synchronizes closing of two operators


  • Power Assist - when unit is activated, it allows the door to be opened manually with a force less than 5 lbs.
  • Push and Go (selectable) - as the door is manually opened, the operator “senses” movement and opens door to the full-open position.
  • Obstruction Detection
      – Open - door closes if it hits an obstruction while opening
      – Close (Stop on Stall) - door will stop once it hits an obstruction and rest against the obstruction until obstruction is removed


  • Motor Startup Delay - delays operator opening
  • Infinite Hold Open - door will hold open at set position until power is turned off
  • Power Latch (selectable) - increases latch power
  • Selector mode switch (3 position)
      – Off - disables signal inputs
      – On - activates signal inputs
      – Hold Open - activates the unit to the hold open position

Typical Applications

  • Senior Housing/Assisted Living Facilities
    - Cross Corridor Doors
  • Convention Center
    - Exhibition Halls
  • Hospital
     - Maternity Ward
     - Patient Room


  • Office Building
     - Board/Meeting Rooms
  • College or University
     - Main Entrance Doors

Electrical Data

  • Power input 120 VAC, 60 Hz (+10%, -15%)
  • Current draw .75A



  • 12VDC @ .5A output, 24VDC @ .25A output, 24VDC @ .4A output


  • UL325 certified
  • UL10c certified
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


  • ANSI/BHMA A156.19 certified
  • 2-year limited warranty


Customer Service:
800.438.1951 x Ext 6701
(8am - 4:30pm Eastern)


Technical Product Support:
800.438.1951 x Ext 6030
(8am - 4:30pm Eastern)

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