6000 Series

Part of the PowerMatic® Series of low energy operators, the 6000 provides intelligent and superior door control for high usage, heavy duty applications. A full featured unit, the 6000 offers built-in intelligence like Push and Go and Obstruction Detection to meet the needs of your facility.


Door Controls (interior)(exterior) swinging door(s) shall be of rack and pinion design contained within a precision cast aluminum housing. Door closing force shall be adjustable to ensure adequate closing control. Door closing speed  shall be controlled by independent hydraulic adjustment valves in the sweep and latch range of the closing cycle. Door Operator shall provide conventional door closer opening and closing forces unless the power operator motor is activated. Door Operator opening force and speed shall be adjustable in the inverter/interface module's LCD screen to ensure adequate opening control per accessibility codes. Door Operator shall have an adjustable hydraulic backcheck valve to cushion the door speed if opened violently. Door Operator shall utilize the inverter/interface module's LCD screen and joystick to establish door closes and open positions. [(Door Operator shall be  AUTOMATICALLY ACTIVATED by either a slight push or pull in the direction of opening swing – Push and Go.) (Door Operator shall be SELECTIVELY ACTIVATED by external initiating device, i.e. wall switch, etc.) (Door Operator shall be both AUTOMATICALLY ACTIVATED and SELECTIVELY ACTIVATED.)] Unit shall include "E-saver" feature to automatically recognize abled body traffic and immediately trigger door to close after sensing no forces on door. Unit shall have delay for motor activation, electric lock interfacing, and hold open time. Units shall have SPDT relay for interfacing latch retraction exit devices or similar products and have 24VDC @ 1.3A output for connection of electric strike, lock, radio frequency receiver, etc. Units shall have Vestibule sequencing input for operation of two or more units. Unit shall have smoke ventilation inputs to power open doors when activated by fire or smoke alarm. Unit shall have a three-position Selector Mode Switch that will permit the unit to be switched “ON”

to monitor for function inputs, switched to “H/O” for indefinite hold open function or switched “OFF” which will disable function inputs allowing unit to be used as a manual door closer. Unit shall be ETL tested to UL standards for automatic closing door. The Unit shall be adjustable to provide compliance with the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Unit shall be certified by BHMA to meet ANSI A117.1 and A156.19 requirements. Unit
shall meet UL, cUL, UL10C and UL10B standards.

Additional Specifications for Functions
For Power Operator Function:
When activated, the unit shall, by means of a motor, chain and closer, power open the door at both a speed and force that are adjustable to accessibility codes. The door shall be powered from a door closed position to a full door open position and remain in momentary hold open for 5 seconds minimum (adjustable 0 to 30 seconds in 1 second increments). [(Unit shall power open door to full open position up to 110°.) (Unit shall be capable of opening
door manually from 110° – 180°.)] Once unit reaches full hold open position, if reinitiated, unit’s momentary hold open time shall restart from the maximum set time. If unit is initiated during the closing cycle, unit shall revert to opening cycle beginning at that door position. Unit shall have a toggled hold open input that upon first initiation will power door to a maintained hold open position; a second initiation will allow door to close. Unit shall have obstruction detection on closing, which will reverse the closing door to the full open position then re-attempt to close door after momentary hold open time has elapsed. Obstruction detection on opening shall shut motor off, allowing door to close under spring force. These obstruction detection features shall be integral to unit. During closing cycle, the unit shall close door under full spring power not to exceed a closing force of 15 lbf



Statuary Bronze

Dull Bronze


Medium Amber


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Installation Instructions

NOTE: wiring diagrams are included in the install instructions document



  • Push or pull side mounting
  • Non-handed
  • 1.3A onboard power supply

  • Activated by push button, hands-free, and RF devices
  • Infinite hold open
  • Maximum door size 4'0" x 8'0", 250 lbs


  • Push and Go selector
  • Open/Close obstruction detection
  • Motor startup delay adjustment
  • Vestibule delay adjustment
  • Hold open delay adjustment


  • Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) relay output
  • Blow open for smoke ventilation
  • Presence detector input
  • Selector mode switch


  • Modular construction for easy, one person installation
  • LCD screen and joystick controller ease setup without special tools or training
  • Configurable to meet virtually any site, activation or system integration requirements
  • Large onboard power supply to handle multiple system peripherals
  • Coordinates with smoke evacuation “blow-open” requirements
  • Uses Grade 1 7500 Series heavy duty door closer

  • Interfaces with electric hardware and integrates with access control
  • Operates as a mechanical surface closer when power is off
  • Push and Go opens door to full-open position upon manual activation
  • Obstruction Detection on both open and close cycle
  • On board electronics collect usage and cycle count data to facilitate preventative maintenance/diagnostics

Typical Applications

  • Government Buildings
  • Convention Centers
  • Hospitals
     - Examination rooms 
     - Main entrance doors


  • Colleges or Universities
     - Entrance doors 
     - Common areas - Dormitory entrances

Electrical Data

  • Power Input: 120VAC, 60Hz
  • Current Draw: 0.9A
  • Auxiliary Output: 24VDC @ 1.3A



  • ETL tested to UL/cUL standards for automatic doors used on fire and smoke barrier doors 
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.19 certified
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • UL10C listed for positive pressure fire test

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