Electric Lock Interface for 5800 Series ADAEZ® Operator Discontinued

Effective immediately, Norton Door Controls will discontinue the 5800 ADAEZ PRO ELI kits 5837 x SQPB (push) and 5817 x SQPB (pull) due to the discontinuance of the Electric Lock Interface (ELI).

To achieve the same functionality as the ELI, order the Wireless Interface Module, part number ADA1028W as an additional component to a 5800 Series ADAEZ Low Energy Operator kit (PRO, PRO PLUS, PRO COMPLETE). The Wireless Interface Module can wirelessly connect all versions of the 5800 Series ADAEZ with a variety of actuators and systems, including push buttons, electric locks, fire panels, access control systems and more. The Wireless Interface Module is backward compatible with all ADAEZ models available since 2012.

The discontinuance schedule for the ELI is as follows:

End of Sales

  • Please notify Norton Customer Service immediately if you have any projects where ELI units are specified and alternatives are not allowed.
  • Orders for Electric Lock Interface kits received after April 28, 2017 will be entered as the corresponding ADAEZ PRO, PRO PLUS or PRO COMPLETE operator kit, along with the Wireless Interface Module, part number ADA1028W.


End of Support

  • Factory technical support will be available throughout the life of the product’s warranty.


For additional information, contact your ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions sales consultant.