2800ST Cam Action

The cam action design is ideal as it provides greater efficiency than a rack and pinion door closer for slide track applications. Cam action closers provide a lower opening resistance while delivering optimum closing force and control. The door closer's wide range of adjustable closing power permits use in the most demanding situations. The efficiency and flat power curve comply with the opening force requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

These door closers come standard with adjustable sweep speed and latch speed, closing control and adjustable backcheck cushioning in the opening cycle. The unobtrusive design is a good choice for architects and designers.


Door Controls____ (interior) (exterior) swinging door(s) shall be cam and roller design contained within a precision cast aluminum housing. Door closing force shall be adjustable to ensure adequate closing control. Door closing speed shall be controlled by independent hydraulic adjustment valves in the sweep and latch range of the closing cycle. Door closer shall have an adjustable hydraulic backcheck valve to cushion the door speed if door is opened violently. Maximum door open shall be templated to (85°), (90°), (100°), (110°), conditions permitting. Door closer shall have hold open capability with an on/off selector and tension adjustment. Non-hold open units shall be U.L. Listed for self-closing door. Unit shall be in compliance with the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). ANSI standards A117.1. Units shall meet C-UL US.



Statuary Bronze

Dull Bronze


Medium Amber