The Norton® Series 78-B/F Potbelly Surface Closers represent a combination of traditional styling and modern closer features. All closer sizes are contained within a single size aluminum alloy shell. Templates for installing this closer are the same for all closer sizes.

In addition only two springs are needed to accommodate the complete range of door sizes. One clock spring is adjustable to meet the closing force requirements for closer sizes 2, 3, and 4. One other larger spring can be adjusted to meet the closing force for closer sizes 5 and 6. Both springs are powerful enough to provide an additional 50% power increase over the minimum closing force for the largest size in their range; i.e. 50% over size 4 and 50% over size 6.

These Norton Traditional Surface Closers have an unusual ability to accommodate power adjustment to their environment. The adjustable clock coil spring provides a small incremental increase or decrease through a wide range of closer power. They can be adjusted to meet the exact power requirements of the installation. Sweep speed, latch speed and backcheck cushioning can also be adjusted to door, frame and variable conditions.


Closer for interior (and) exterior doors shall be rack-and-pinion type enclosed in a cast aluminum alloy shell. Closer spring shall be clock-type coil spring and shall be adjustable through a wide range of closing power. Closer shall be equipped with a single hex-key operated regulating valve for control of both closing and latch speeds. Closer shall have a hex-key operated regulating valve to control the adjustable backcheck feature. Closer shall be Norton® Series 78-B/F Traditional Surface Closer or equivalent.


Dark Oxidized
Satin Bronze



Statuary Bronze

Dull Bronze


Medium Amber


Black Suede
Powder Coat

White Suede
Powder Coat



  • Aluminum alloy shell
  • Adjustable spring power: B/D = spring size 2-4; E/F = spring sizes 5 and 6
  • Rack and pinion operation
  • Adjustable sweep/latch speed
  • Adjustable backcheck cushioning
  • Non-hold open arm standard (specify regular or parallel when ordering)


  • Field reversible (parallel hold open arms and delayed action closers are not reversible)
  • Self drilling, self tapping and machine screws standard
  • Sleeve nuts standard (Parallel Rigid and Unitrol® arms only)



Optional Features

  • Hold open arms
  • Heavy duty arms: Parallel Rigid, Unitrol® (non-hold open and hold open)


  • Delayed action
  • Sleeve nuts (regular and parallel arms)
  • Thru Bolts and Grommet Nuts (TBGN)



Typical Applications

Recommended for interior or exterior doors (retrofit applications or for a “retro” look) including:


  • Historical Buildings
  • Courthouses
  • College or Universities
  • Churches or Worship Centers




  • UL listed
  • UL10c compliant for positive pressure
  • Listed by the New York City Materials and Equipment Acceptance Division
  • 10-year limited warranty


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