6000 Series Low Energy Door Operator

Single 6000 Unit
Single 6000 Unit Installed
6000 Double Door Installation with Full Cover
Modular Backplate for Double Door Applications. Also serves as a template.

Superior door control for rigorous, high-use applications

The 6000 Series low energy operator is a heavy-duty unit designed for rigorous, high-use applications. Built-in intelligence enables the operator to safeguard users while providing better door control. Simple installation and adjustment features combined with the unit's high level of versatility allows for seamless integration with a multitude of facilities and systems.

Simple to Install & Maintain

  • Modular design and interlocking backplate for easy one-person installation for single and double doors
  • LCD screen and joystick controller simplifies setup
  • Wiring harness and positioned for easy access with screwdriver

Versatile Configuration & Integration

  • Large onboard power supply for multiple system peripherals
  • Configurable to meet virtually any site, activation or system integration requirements

Robust Design Delivers Reliability 

  • Uses 7500 Series heavy duty, Grade 1 door closer for smooth, reliable operation
  • Heavy duty chain and aluminum backplate withstand rigorous applications
  • Heavy duty arms available for deep reveal application


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