Door Closer Comparison

The specialists at Norton Door Controls have created a range of door closers for all door types, tested through millions of cycles to ensure consistent and uninterrupted performance. Light-use to heavy-duty, grade 1 door closers with multiple features are available to secure your facility openings while complying with ADA requirements. For door controls that are easy to install and maintain, with a myriad of operations and proven life-long durability, rely on Norton to match and exceed the performance of all major door closer brands.

Choose a Brand with Quality You Can Depend On

The premium door closers Norton offers through its North Carolina facility cannot be matched by any other brand, including Allegion LCN, Falcon, Dorma, PDQ, Cal Royal, Stanley and Hager. 

Competitive Cross Reference

Norton LCN Dorma PDQ Cal Royal Stanley Falcon Hager
9500 4040XP X X X X X X
7500 4050 8900 X X D4550 SC70 X
8501 1460-72FC 8600 5500 X D3551 X X
1600 1260X 7400 X X D1650 X X
1700 X TS77 X X X SC90 X
410 X X 7100 CR441 X X 5100
210 1450 X 5100 900/800 D1610 SC80 5200
160 1250 7300 3100 300 D1610 SC60 5300

NOTE: No products are exactly alike. This cross reference represents our judgement of products that are most similar. Information has been obtained from trade sources. It is not represented nor guaranteed that any product exactly equals any other products. 

With Norton, you can be confident in quality. All closers from Norton
Door Controls feature:

  • UL & ULC Listed
  • End of Life Recycling Program
  • Standard Back Check
  • Multiple Spring Sizes or Adjustable Options

Browse Door Closers

Traditional Surface Door Closers

  • Light to heavy duty door closers
  • Smooth and constant control
  • Adjustable backcheck door closers
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications

Cam Action Door Closers

  • Low opening resistance
  • Non handed door closer
  • Optimum closing force and control
  • Adjustable closing power

Concealed Overhead Closers

  • Tamper resistant solution
  • Suitable where aesthetics or secuirty is of primary concern
  • Hidden hardware - only door arm shows upon opening

Electromechanical Door Closers

  • Suitable for applications in which an electrified closer is needed
  • Multi or single point hold open models available 
  • Reliable door hold open solution

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