Crayola Ensures ADA Compliance for Doorways by Installing Norton Door Operators


Crayola Headquarters, Offices, and Manufacturing Facilities.    

Easton and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


The Challenge

To ensure its employees with disabilities are able to operate doors in Crayola's headquarters, offices, and manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilites Act (ADA) accessibility guidelines.



Crayola Crayons have been a childhood favorite since they were first introduced more than 100 years ago. Today, the company's daily production includes not only 13 million crayons, but 3 million markers, 500,000 jars of paint, 170,000 pounds of modeling clay, and 22,000 Silly Putty eggs.

Easton and Bethlehem, PA are home to not only Crayola's manufacturing operations, but also its headquarters, which houses the company's sales, creative, marketing, and customer service teams. Altogether, more than 1,000 individuals are employed at these locations.


The Solution:

In 2018, Crayola's Pennsylvania facilites underwent upgrades, including updating its door openings to comply with ADA requirements. The law stipulates that doors must require no more than five pounds of opening force and dictates the length of time doors should remain open to enable access by indivduals with disabilites, including those in wheelchairs.

After reviewing device options, Crayola chose to install Norton's 5800 Series ADAEZ door operators on its interior doors and the 6300 Series low energy operators on its exterior doors.


The Norton 5800 Series door operators are designed for doors with moderate to high traffic, which occasionally require powered operation. They include a regenerative power system that charges an onboard battery pack, eliminating the need to run electrical wire to the unit. When used in manual mode 75 percent of the time or more, the 5800 Series will self-generate enough power to charge its battery pack up to 12 years, making it the ideal solution for facilities serving individuals with disabilities. 

Tom Price, Crayola's long time facility planner, said, "We planned to install door operators in two phases - beginning with four of our buildings, because the 5800 Series devices don't require electrical wiring, we were able to install them ourselves according to our upgrade schedule. The process was so straightforward we typically installed each one in less than an hour."

Crayola also mounted eight Norton 6300 Series low energy operators on its exterior doors. These devices are integrated with electronic access control and make it possible for disabled individuals to operate doors using either a wall push button, wave switch, or hands-free radio frequency device. They feature one of the slimmest profiles in the industry, blending seamlessly into any environment.

The company enlisted Klepper's Security Source of York, PA to install the 6300 Series operators and integrate them with the building's existing electronic access control, Securitron magnalocks and electric strikes. John Trone, owner of Klepper's said, "We have a lot of experience installing Norton devices and we know when our customers choose them, installation will be smooth and hassle free."