Roaring Brook Nature Center

Sustainable, ADA Compliant Door Control a Natural Fit for Roaring Brook Nature Center

Roaring Brook Nature Center, Canton, CT 

Ensure that Roaring Brook Nature Center
is accessible to everyone, achieves ADA
compliance and supports a sustainable

Roaring Brook Nature Center 5800 ADAEZ shot
» GreenCircle® certified to reduce energy
consumption by up to 100%
» Easy to install and operate
» Ideal for retrofit applications
» Regenerative power door operator for moderate to high traffic areas




Set back amongst the beautiful woodlands of Canton, Connecticut,
the Roaring Brook Nature Center is an invaluable community and state
resource of exhibits and winding trails. Hosting up to 12,000 visitors
per year, the center offers nature classes for local school children, Scout
programs and corporations. Its mission is simple: to increase awareness,
appreciation, and knowledge of the natural world, while also encouraging
a deeper understanding of the interrelationships between people and the
changing environment.


Ensuring the center, its exhibits and nature classes are accessible to
everyone is paramount to the team at Roaring Brook.
The center recently completed renovation of its main facility, which
included a large focus on its entryway doors – a high traffic area. Katelyn
Stryeski, Roaring Brook Nature Center Manager, wanted to make sure
that “everyone had proper access to the facility and that their time at the
center was as enjoyable as possible”.

A handicap access ramp was constructed
at the main entrance and Stryeski needed a
door operator that was both compliant with
the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and
energy efficient. As a registered community
facility, the center had a limited budget for
updates; therefore, both short- and longterm
cost efficiencies had to be considered.
Just as important was the need for more
environmentally-friendly building products.


As one of the world’s only regenerative power door operators, the Norton 5800 Series ADAEZ® was the perfect solution for Roaring Brook Nature Center. Its heavy-duty durability made it ideal for the main entrance of the facility, which experiences moderate traffic levels. It
provides the right levels of adjustable opening and closing forces to meet ADA requirements.

The innovative regenerative power system integrated into the door operator eliminates the need for electrical power at the door. The onboard battery unit stores the energy created when the door is manually opened. That stored power is there when needed to open the door automatically via a wireless push button by the side of the door. “Installing the Norton ADAEZ operator on our main entrance doors has been a game-changer for Roaring Brook Nature Center. Our ability to now welcome and accommodate all visitors will have a positive impact on the entire community, says Stryesk. “Having a door that operates on self-generated power also helps us maintain our sustainability initiatives – we get all the benefits of a power-assisted door without the energy cost overhead. It’s a win-win.”