Low vs. High Energy Operators


Automatic door operators can come in a wide variety of options, and at the very beginning of many buyers' search is whether to choose a high or low energy operator for their facility. It's a decision that is almost entirely built on the type of project, the needs of the facility, and the people that use it on a daily basis. While Norton manufactures low energy operators, the below is designed to help determine whether a low energy operator is the perfect fit for your application.


Low Energy Door Operators for Automatic or Manual Operation

Doors equipped with low energy operators can opened manually or through the use of a "knowing act" device (i.e., push button, wall switch, or hands free device).

Per the ADA (American's with Disabiliies Act), low energy door operators can provide greater accessibility for openings used by mobility-challenged individuals.

They can be found in entrances to public buildings, including schools, libraries, museums, offices, and government buildings.


High Energy (Full Energy) Door Operators for Automatic Operation

High energy door operators are designed to operate quickly and continuously for optimal convenience. They are activated via motion sensors when approached by pedestrians.

You will most often find them at entrances to supermarkets, emergency rooms and retail stores. They include provisions such as guide rails and safety sensors, to reduce the potential for personal injury or entrapment.


Is My Project better suited for Low or High Energy Operators?

Other Things to Consider:

The Expected Design Life of the Project

Is it a public school for which the design will remain farily constant over many decdes and therefore requires a heavy-duty operator?

Or is it a fast food restaurant that updates its decor every few years, in which case, doors are replaced frequently to support design changes.

Sustainability Goals

Is the project seeking a Green Building or LEED certification? What operators will support the project goals?


To help you make the right decision on what type of door opeator best suits your application, contact your local ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions representative.


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