Electrohydraulic vs Electromechanical Operators


Operators come in many shapes and types, each option selected affecting how your door operates. After choosing between a high or low energy operator, the next choice is in whether to pick an electromechanical or electrohydraulic model. Norton Rixson offers multiple options for both types, but it is yet one more question to answer when finding the best fit for your project. The below has been created to assist in this decision process.

Electrohydraulic Operators

Electrohydraulic low energy operators incorporate a door closer for smooth reliable door control. These units are used in applications where doors are typically operated manually but can also be activated via wall switches for automatic operation. Advantages to using an Electrohydraulic operator include its quiet operation and long mechanical life.

Norton Rixson Electrohydraulic Operators:

Electromechanical Operators

Electromechanical low energy operators feature a motor and gearbox for consistent automatic operation. These units are used in applications where automatic mode (activated by wall switches) is the primary function.


Norton Rixson Electromechanical Operators:

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