Norton Operators: Unique Installation & Maintenance Advantages

Whether you install Norton low energy door operators or maintain them throughout a building, these door opening units offer much more than ADA compliance. They can be the hands-free, contactless solution to reducing touchpoints within a facility, offering occupants an easy means of moving throughout. But for those who must ensure all doorways are working properly, Norton operators offer one-of-a-kind advantages, designed for ease-of-use, faster outcomes and enhanced safety.

Having traditionally two installers onsite, for single and double-door applications, has become not only a challenge, but a risk in busy environments. Today, between the need for social distance and keeping doorways clear for safe passage, companies are being required to minimize the number of trades people on job sites, with some working at off-hours. Norton operators are built with installers in mind, requiring only one person to mount, install, and setup the device. 

Whether using the convenient LCD boards under the 6000 and 6300 Series' covers, or the exciting mobile setup for the 6300 Norton's operators have become easier than ever to setup. Gone are the potentiometers, getting up and down a ladder, or even having to come back to a site to slow down the speed of a door. Norton Low Energy Operators offer improvements built with installers, building managers, and building occupants in mind.

Even with continuous improvements in operators, technology always comes with difficulties and questions, no matter the experience of the user. Norton offers help to every level of expertise with an ever growing video library, experienced technical product support, and installation instructions all available through our website. 

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