Touchless Door Opening Solutions

From entrance to exit and every door in-between, there's a simple solution for upgrading doors to open and close without a touch. Whether your goal is to prevent germ transmission, comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines, heighten security and energy efficiency, or offer building occupants a better user experience, Norton's touchless door opening solutions satisfies all of those needs.

The Solution is Easy

A Norton low energy door operator is the central player that enables a variety of swing doors to open hands-free, working in combination with your choice of:

  • Wave-to-open switch (shown in photo)
  • RF device
  • Remote control fob

Norton door operators can work alone or in concert with fire alarm, access control and other building automation systems. When automated lock control is needed, Norton door operators pair easily with electric strikes from ASSA ABLOY's HES line and Adams Rite.

How to Decide the Best Touchless Solution for Your Doorways

Norton products are ideal for all types of swing doors, including wood, metal, storefront aluminum, and glass (check out our full glass door opening solutions). Choosing the right combination of products for your needs is easy:

Choose your Door Operator

The portfolio of Low Energy Operators from Norton covers the needs of virtually any single or double swing door.

Choose the device that will trigger the operator to open your door(s)

Wave-to-Open Switch

Highly sensitive programming picks up hand gestures within four inches of the switch, ensuring it triggers operation only when intended.

Remote Control Transmitter

Open and close the door with the push of a button. A great option for contactless access control in multiple spaces including reception areas, executive offices, conference rooms, nurse stations and security desks.

Radio Frequency Device

Automatically opens doors when within a certain range of the RF device's sensor. An ideal solution for those not able to use push buttons and wave switches. Also good for those with equipment that regularly goes through specific doorways, such as maintenance or luggage carts.

Choose electric strikes if automated lock control is needed

Norton Low Energy Operators are compatible with the wide selection of electric strikes from Adams Rite and ASSA ABLOY's HES products.

Choose your power source

Most of Norton's Low Energy Operators require power. Intelligent power supplies from ASSA ABLOY's Securitron line are not only compatible, but also allow remote power monitoring of the opening.

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