Prevent the Spread of Germs

6 Ways to Prevent the Spread of Germs

Top of mind for today's facility managers is the prevention of spreading harmful germs, such as COVID-19, which includes finding methods to promote social distancing.

According to a recent study by food and beverage market analyst Dataessential, touching door handles topped the list of things respondents believed would increase their likelihood to contract coronavirus, at 78%.

Here are six easy door upgrade solutions that can help prevent people from coming in physical contact with doors AND each other:

  1. Wave to Open switches allow activation without any touchpoints
  2. SuperScans prevent the door from closing (and creating touchpoint) while walking through opening
  3. Infinite Hold-Open removes touchpoint of the door handle on public spaces
  4. Executive Mode allows users to close the door while preventing unnecessary face-to-face interactions
  5. One-Person Install allows installers to comply with social distancing efforts and reduce risk
  6. WiFi Setup eliminates touchpoints on the cover and on PC board during setup

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