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Where can I buy a Norton Door Closer or Power Door Operator?
Find a sales office here.


Where can I find installation videos?
All our instructional videos are available in our Video Library or YouTube channel.


How can I contact customer service or technical support?
You can find all contact information on our Contact Us page.


Where can I find product catalogs?
You can access our product catalogs easily on our Digital Library!


What are some common abbreviations used in the builders hardware field?

What are some common door and frame terms?

  • Door Top Rail: The horizontal rail at the top of the door.
  • Rabbet: The section of the door frame recessed to receive the door.
  • Soffit: The flat surface on the underside of the frame between the vertical frame stops.
  • Stop: The part of the frame against which the door closes.
  • Frame Face: The exposed part of the frame which is generally parallel to the wall on metal frames. On wood frames this would be the frame molding.
  • Reveal: The distance from the frame face to the surface of the door.